Frequently Asked Questions


Is it free to join?

Yes, it's free. It's free to join and it's free to stay a member.

How do I upload an image?

You need to have an account to be able to upload screenshots. Click on the "upload" link in the top menu, or use the "upload" link in your user navigation. Click on the "select file" button to choose the image to upload. Write a name for your image in the input field below. Enter any optional details you want and click on the "save" button.

Where are my screenshots stored on my computer?

Your screenshots should be located in the following folder: Program Files\World of Warcraft\Screenshots
Windows Vista users might have a slightly different path:
C:\users\*your user name*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Screenshots

Privacy and Usage

Who can view the images I've uploaded?

If you have set the privacy of your image to public: the image can be viewed by everyone. If you set the privacy of your image to private: the image can only be viewed by the users or groups you choose to share the image with. And yes – it works perfectly to have some images public, and some private.

Am I giving away the rights to my images?

No. We will not claim any rights to any of the content you upload. You are responsible for the images you submit. For more info, see our Privacy Policy.

I want to remove an uploaded image, can I?

If you have uploaded an image, or if you are moderator of the album or group where the image is located, you can edit or remove the image.

I accidently removed my screenshot! Can you restore it?

Yes. However removed screenshots are not kept forever and are regularly completly removed, so we just ask you to not wait too long (weeks/months) to ask for help.

Is it ok to upload other images than WoW screenshots?

No. This is a specialized service. The images that you upload shall be screenshots from the game World of Warcraft. Modification of the images is allowed for highlighting the image content, but not for altering the image in such a way that its meaning or message is affected. If you come across an image that might not be in line with the rules above, or disregards the use of services section in Terms and Conditions, you should report it to report[at]

I've discovered disturbing images on this site!

You can report images that are disturbing or unfit for this site in terms of content by clicking on the "Report" link, usually marked with a . You can also report disturbing images or behaviour to report[at]

I want to hide my profile and uploads from a specific user!

You can block users from viewing your profile and screenshots. Go to your profile page, and click on the "friends" link. Below the list of your friends, you will see controls for blocking users. Since blocked users can't see your profile, images, groups or albums, they can't comment any of your content.

Someone is making unwanted comments on my profile or screenshot!

If the comments can be described as sexual harassment, blackmailing, threats of violence or of any other criminal nature, please report the user by emailing their name, the comment and a full statement of what has happened to report[at] It is also recommended to use the "block user" feature. You can read more about that in the answer above.


What are Albums?

Albums are collections of screenshots. Albums can have multiple moderators, and can be shared with chosen users or groups, or with the whole community. You can even include other users' screenshots to your albums as long as you have permission to view the images.

How do I create an Album?

In your profile page, click on the "+ new album" link in your profile navigation. Fill in the mandatory fields and click on the "save album" button.

How do I add images to my Album?

You can add images from your uploaded screenshots to your album when you create it. After you have created the album, you can add or remove images by using the link "add image" or "album settings", located below the album information details. You can also add images to your album directly from the image details page, by using the feature "add image to album".

What are Groups?

Groups are two or more users who collectively share group specific images and albums. Group content can be public for everyone to view, or private for just the group members and other selected users. Groups are excellent for sharing screenshots within a larger group of friends, for example a guild.

Explain Open Groups?

Open groups are open for anyone to join, and the group's content and albums are public. Open groups are great for sharing screenshots with a very large number of users, for example all of the people from the same server. Open groups can also be created around themed screenshots, for example a certain raid or arena accomplishment. All members are allowed to add content, but you can only remove content that you yourself have added unless you are a moderator or the one who has created the group.

Explain Closed Groups?

Closed groups are managed by group moderators, and you will need to be added by one of them to join the group. Moderators have permission to add or remove both members and content. Moderators are appointed by the creator of the group. Members of a closed group have permission to view all of the group's albums and screenshots, and to upload content of their own. You can apply specific privacy permissions to the albums and screenshots of closed groups, for example setting some album to public and some to only be shared within the group. Closed groups are great for sharing screenshots with a large group of friends or a guild.

How do I join a Group?

Open groups are open for anyone to join. Go to the group's page, and click on the button "join" in the group profile navigation.

Closed groups: If you have found a closed group you would like to join, go to the group's page and click on the button "apply" in the group profile navigation. This will send a request message to the groups' moderators. They will need to add you using the group settings link in the group profile navigation. Only group moderators and the group creator have rights to add or remove users.

How do I find friends on wowscreenshots?

Search for users using the search function. When you have found a friend, visit their profile page and click on the "add to friends" button in their profile navigation. You can also view and edit the list of all of your friends at your own profile page, using the "friends" link in your own profile navigation.

Why do I want to be friends on wow-screenshots?

It will make it easier for you to share your screenshots, since the users you have added to your friends list will show up first under sharing options for private screenshots. You can of course always still share screenshots with users that are not on your friends list, but we added the friends list feature to make it easier for you to find the people you usually want to interact with.

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